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Asbestos Health & Safety Breaches & Fines – August

In August a number of businesses found themselves in court or received their fines from a previous appearance for various breaches of Health and Safety laws around asbestos, we’re going to a have brief look at them here.

Belfast Trust

Appearing in court charged with breaching health and safety for the second time in 6 months Belfast Trust pleaded guilty to two offences relating to breaches of legislation.

The breaches in question date back to 28/02/2011 and were for failing to ensure the Health & Safety of employees & failure to protect non-staff.

Sentencing for the Trust will come in September with an additional two offences pertaining to control of asbestos early in 2013 being left on the books.

Nottinghamshire Property Developer Fined

A Nottinghamshire Property Developer was ordered to pay fines & costs totaling £100,000 after pleading guilty to exposing employees to asbestos, the developer was also handed a suspended 8 month prison sentence.

The court heard that the presence of asbestos insulation board had been disregarded by the developers, employees had been wearing disposable overalls & face masks  though as no other forms of control had been put in place they were deemed not to have done enough to protect their employees from risk of exposure.

In the HSE’s opinion the developer James Carlton, also known as Roger Parry “showed a wilful disregard for the health and safety of his own employees and others.

Illegal Waste Asbestos Operation fined £80,000

Two waste operators who were running an illegal site out of Benfleet, Essex were last month ordered by the courts to pay over £80,000 in compensation, confiscation & fines.

David Tuffen, the director of A1 Bins& Waste along with manager Nigel Hickman had already received suspended prison sentences from Chelmsford Crown Court in February 2013 for illegal storing waste.

They were also fined for fly-tipping committed by a third party contractor, failure to pay any of their fines on time could result in them going to prison.

By Andy West