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Thermal Insulation Jackets Fitted to Super Yacht

This week we have sent two of our most experienced fitters to the sunny South of France, more accurately, Toulon. As an ongoing project with a company we have been asked to measure, design and fit Thermal Insulation Jackets to a Super Yacht for a prestigious client of ours.

How we Used the Jackets

These jackets have been applied in the engines rooms of the yacht to fit around the plenheims with each of the units running up to and above 600oC constantly. We have had to use several different materials and fittings to make the Jackets fit perfectly and look professional. Our job isn’t just to get the thermal properties correct but to make it aesthetically pleasing for each one of our clients.

At the request of the Captain we have used a silver foil outer for the jacket (matching previous work done on the yacht), along with a graphite material on the inside. By using this graphite material it is able to withstand such high operating temperatures of the engine itself. With the temperature being as high as it is we had to use lacing hooks to secure the Jackets together whilst still maintaining the professional look of the unit.

Our Yachting Experience

It’s not all been plain sailing to get here we had a small trip out to Malta with this client to measure the potential job. However as the yacht was operational at the time it wasn’t an easy job to measure up. Working with the engines on and the current lagging fitted made this difficult.

We then had a small time-scale to return to the UK ensure the jackets were made perfect as there is no second chance. The yacht is docked for 2 weeks for maintenance work (including ours) in Toulon. As I mentioned this is not a small job, 3 full days of fitting is required for a job of this size, along with 2 whole days of travelling to and from the site.

What a wonderful turn out we had, beautiful whether as well as a hotel view looking over the marina directly at the yacht in question.